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What we're about...Our Goals and Purposes

Image by Hanny Naibaho


B.O.$.$.D. inc.  Stands for:  Business Opportunities for

Saints to be Successful and Developmental.

The idea is to help build more Christian   businesses of color and helping them to succeed as well as educate about being an entrepreneur and maintaining your own  Christian business to be a success. We work with ALL Christian entrepreneurs of color, but want to focus and expand more Christian businesses own by people of African American communities.

We also specialize in:

  • helping up and coming Christian Artists with there brand.

  • To help Christian people to build brands and/or help develop their Christian businesses. As well as creating a blueprint to  develop an idea and execute it. 

  • Help ALL people with making money and having their own businesses.

  • Educating  many on how to be successful Entrepreneurs,  steps to being one, ways of being one and how to maintain being one...and more.

  • Online Christian schooling and Community to learn, train, and connect.(In the near future.)

  • A Christian sister/brotherhood to keep and to help support each other in our Christian community. Whether using our own businesses to provide service or donations. Support of any kind to help each other.

  • Programs to help many get started.(In the near future.)

  • Internships for students in black colleges to gather experience with our fellow entrepreneurs in our Christian B.O.$.$.D. Club

  • Learn and Earn Programs

  • Scholarship Programs

  • Recruiting to earn  programs

  •  YP or Young Christian "Preneur" Program- educating while earning.

We're just getting started... there's more to come!

This is a platform for:

  • Christian Authors to sell and talk about their Christian books.

  • Christian Influencers,Bloggers, Radio Personalities to be part of the movement to entertain and/or educate our Christian Community.

  • Christian Teachers to participate and make money.

  • Christian Business Owners(CBO's) to promote products and services and gather employees or network with other Christian owners.

  • Christian Music Artists looking to promote their music or needs brand developing .

  • The Business Minded Christians of All Ages to Learn and Earn!

We're asking to please help support by donating to help us develop these programs to help our Christian Business Community. There are many Christians that are talented but help with developing a business or even maintaining it to last for years. We want to build more Christian businesses and create a UNBREAKABLE community! Join "The Kingdom Movement".

Let’s Work Together

Please allow 72 hrs  for response. We will definitely get back to you.

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