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Exclusive Music From Our Artists

The new single from the group "DAAHLIA  V." The single is called  "Feel You"... Take a listen!

B.O.S.S.D Latest Updates  On Our  Artists

Our first Artists is "DAAHLIA V." An Animated female R&B/Hip Hop  group. There are eight females in the group. Two rappers/singers and six singers. There names are: Demi (Dee),  Asia (Ace), Aasha-Aalaysia (Aashay), Hamiko (Miko), Layla (LaLa Mamacita), Isabella (Bella), Aaliyah (Liyah), and  Vyanna (Vee).  Their genres of songs they sing are: R&B, R&B and Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Spanish Ballads, Tropical Pop, Dance hall, and Afro beats.  They're style is a  fresh and new sound undefined. In the near future they'll also have a web series in the making called "The DAAHLIA V. Life"


Their first single is called "Feel You" with a R&B/Trap sound, from their up and coming album "Been A While" which will be release in November/December 2022. Also another Albums "DV R&B" release February 14th, 2023, "Summer Kisses"  in June.





Artists Updates & Exclusive

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