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BOSSD Ent. is a Music Label part of the brand BOSSD and  BOSSD Radio, TV Network, Podcast, and Blogazine. We specialize in helping other Artists build labels and promoting their brands. We also have Artists as well, but our Artists are 3D Animated. We have 4 Artists in the making. The first is "DAAHLIA V." An 8 female Hip Hop and R&B group. 

Our Television Network & Production Company

Our 3D Animated Artists are also characters in our Animated series coming soon on our television network.


Everything is new at the moment and we're still under development with building our television network to entertain the community of color, but there will be many shows and movies to come in the future.


We welcome many talented people of color to work with us. Whether you have a Show, Movie(Independent Films are definitely welcome here!), Series, and Documentaries. 



  • Video Tutorial shows

  • Marketing your brand or other brands shows

  • Exercise and Fitness shows

  • Medical shows

  • Cooking shows

  • Travel shows

  • Fashion and Style shows

  • Hair and Beauty shows

  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) shows

  • Listicle Videos

  • Product Review shows

  • Educational shows

  • Comical shows

  • Journey shows

  • Behind the Scenes shows

  • Talk shows

  • Video shows

  • Art shows

  • Gospel/Christian shows

  • Explainer shows

  • Product Demo Shows

  • Culture shows

  • Black and Latino History shows

  • How Remedies shows

  • Planting shows

  • Real Estate Shows

  • Mystery shows

  • Conspiracy shows

  • Gossip show

  • Celebrity Entertainment shows

  • Gaming shows

  • Crime Solving/Mystery shows

  • Webinar shows

  • Infomercial shows

  • Community based shows

  • Results Videos

  • Vlogs (Video blogs)

  • Product Launch Shows

  • Web Series

  • Animation shows

  • Children shows

  • Children Educational shows

  • We welcome any of these shows in Latino as well for our latino channel.

  • and more it's up to you!

We accept Documentaries and Independent films.

We DON'T accept:

  • Disturbing videos that will affect the public.

  • Hate videos or shows that makes racist statements

  • Raunchy videos, shows, movies that is distasteful to the public.

  • Porn, Pedophilia, Molestations or any unappropriate shows,videos, or movies.

  • ALL videos, movies, shows, documentaries, etc will be reviewed before placing on  our television network.

  • We are NOT responsible for your videos if it doesn't suites the standards of our television network.

B.O.S.S.D. Radio & Podcast


We play from R&B to Afrobeat! We schedule certain days to let you enjoy which ever genre of music you love. With us you will enjoy music and listen to shows like "All about da Music". This radio station is NOT like the others. You can enjoy music that you love and listen great shows and interviews.

Our Radio Station is for supporting the Up & Coming! From interviewing Models, Entrepreneurs, Music Artists and more. If you are looking to promote your Business, Music, Products, or even yourself.  You are more than welcome to be on our shows to get the word out. Our doors are always open to help.

That's why we created programs to help Artists and other up and coming talents to build their brand or to help with starting their own business. We Want U  2 Win (WWU2W) program is an example of how we want to help people to be successful.


Our vision is to grow a Podcast community. We welcome anyone with great content to join our podcast community and share with their audience what they want to talk about.

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