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Makeup Through the Decades: The Evolution of Beauty Standards from the 1920s to Now

Makeup has always been an important part of human culture, with trends and beauty standards evolving over time. In this article, we take a look at the evolution of makeup styles and beauty standards throughout the decades, from the roaring 1920s to modern times. The 1920s were all about the flapper girl look, which included bold red lips, smoky eyes, and heavily penciled brows. Short hairstyles also became popular during this time, allowing for a more androgynous appearance. Moving into the 1930s, the focus shifted to a more natural, feminine look, with soft, romantic curls, defined brows, and a subtle lip color. The popular makeup look consisted of a matte foundation, a touch of blush, and a classic red lipstick. In the 1940s, during the Second World War, makeup became more practical. Glossy lipsticks and blushes were replaced with matte finishes, and natural-looking makeup became popular. Subtle cat-eye liner and lashings of mascara defined the eyes. The 1950s was a decade characterized by glamour, with red lipstick and pin-up style scarlet lips being a popular go-to makeup look. The cat-eye flick became more pronounced, with fuller and thicker black liner. The hippie era of the 1960s was known for embracing the bohemian look. Bold, colorful eye shadows in bright hues and thick lashes were a trend, making for a dramatic and bold appearance. The 1970s embraced a more natural approach to makeup, with earth tones and softer colors becoming popular. Sun-kissed bronzed skin was in, with sun-kissed complexion being the most popular look of the time. The 1980s were all about bold, bright makeup, with neon colors and punk style heavy eyeliner. Blue eye shadows and bold blushes were all the rage, resulting in a vivacious and daring look. The 1990s brought a more grunge style approach to makeup, incorporating dark, somber hues and a more subdued look. Brown lip colors, minimal eye makeup, and natural skin tones were all the rage. In the 2000s, the focus shifted to a more polished and glamorous look. Contouring became a popular technique, with bold shapes and defined lines being the center of attention. Finally, today’s makeup trends lean toward a natural appearance, with dewy skin, minimal makeup, and natural-looking eyebrows being on-trend. Beauty enthusiasts are leaning towards moisturizing skincare and SPF for a healthy outside and inside beauty routine. In conclusion, makeup trends and beauty standards have come a long way over the decades, with each era bringing a fresh take on what it means to look good. From the bold colors of the 1980s to the natural look of today, one thing remains clear – beauty and makeup will continue to evolve with new trends on the horizon.

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